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  • Best-of-Breed Report Data Mining and Archival Solution
  • Powerful Digital Content Asset Management Capabilities
  • Designed as an Internet/Intranet web Server Application
  • Requires no Modifications to existing Systems
  • Client is any web Browser (IE, Netscape etc.)
  • Installation and Setup Under a Week
  • Typical Return-On-Investment - Under 8 Months.

webFiche is a powerful Enterprise Report/Data Management System that goes beyond the storage, retrieval, viewing and data extraction of text based business reports; webFiche also provides On-line access, archival and retrieval of any format digital content including Data, Image, Audio, Video and rich media file types.

webFiche can afford your business a competitive advantage by increased customer satisfaction and increased employee productivity all with no development Time and Cost. webFiche is the most Cost Efficient Powerful Enterprise Digital Content Management tool avialable anywhere in the World.

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